Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. Strangelove 
(or: how I loved to stop worrying and love the bomb)

Limited edition screen prints 
Signed and numbered by the artists
Edition of 100 copies each
$35 each

Commissioned by the historic Castro Theatre in San Francisco for a sanctioned 35mm screening of the film.

Available now via our online store (here.)

About the Artists:
Sam Smith lives and works in Nashville, TN as a musician, graphic designer and artist. He works regularly designing for the Criterion Collection, Janus Films, the Belcourt Theatre and Spoke Art. When he’s not designing, you can find him playing with the band Ben Folds.
Tracie Ching lives and works in Washington DC. Since first exhibiting with Spoke Art in 2012, Tracie has quickly become a fan favorite at the gallery. In addition to her numerous sold out posters in the Castro Theatre series, Tracie also works regularly designing official posters for the Star Trek franchise.
The Castro Theatre was built in 1922 and to this day is owned and operated by the descendants of its original founders. It is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful and lavish film palaces on the West Coast, it is a registered historical landmark.
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