Join Spoke Art gallerist Ken Harman tomorrow in San Francisco for the Tumblr Arts Summit! 
The Tumblr Arts Summit will explore the way we share, create, and engage with art on the web. Seven leading art world professionals will discuss how their institutions, brands and assocations have benefited from social media and the web, where and how they’ve found the most success, and the challenges presented with technologically engaging the art world. 

Ken Harman, curator and owner of Spoke Art Gallery 
James Salzmann, West Coast Managing Director of Paddle8
Jennifer Yin, Manager of Marketing & Digital Engagement at Asian Art Museum
Joel Kuennen, Director of Operations, Senior Editor at ArtSlant
Kara Q. Smith, Managing Editor of Art Practical and Community Engagement Coordinator at SFMOMA.
Liz Glass, Assistant Curator at Wattis Institute for Contemporary Art 
Eric Dyer, Artist 
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